Company structure

Customer service – debt collection

They are responsible for informing clients of the results of ongoing activities. They are in charge of recommending and indicating the next stages of ongoing cases. They conduct preventive training for:

  • Finance departments

  • Analytical departments

  • Marketing departments

  • Claims department

Debt collection

Amicable on site collection department

There are responsible for direct contacts with the debtor entity. They conduct negotiation and mediation proceedings and obtain necessary documents. They also decide on which tools to use in the debt collection process so that the case is resolved positively for both parties as quickly as possible.

Enforcement collection department

In the pre-litigation or enforcement phase this department is involved in the search for assets necessary for successful bailiff enforcement.

Judicial recovery department

This department is involved in supporting our clients in proceedings before common courts to obtain enforcement titles as well as overseeing the proper conduct of bailiff enforcement procedures.

Business intelligence – debt collection

They deal with verification of the data provided by the client and the examination of payment reliability in the first phase of cooperation with the client. They check the conformity of the addresses indicated by the client and whether the entity in question is functioning and operating at all.

In addition, this department deals with the acquisition of financial and registration documents if they are published in the National Court Register.

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