Our offer

Legal collection

We support our clients in every situation – also when amicable debt collection does not have the desired effect. On your behalf, Optimal Balance may come up with other solutions to the problem:

  • Bailiff enforcement

  • Court hearing

Comprehensive measures

In any case our specialists do all to enable recovery. We offer a range of activities:


We may represent you in court to obtain an enforcement order.


In any enforcement proceeding, a legal team is supported by bailiffs operating across the country.


If necessary, additional support is provided by our on-site debt collectors together with the information from Optimal Balance’s external and internal datasets.


Strategic expertise, gained during enforcement proceedings from the investigators and restructuring consultants, is also a valuable tool.

Without dogmas

What makes us different is that we collaborate with external, regional law firms that use Optimal Balance’s services – whether through amicable collection, information or report services.

We are also prepared to work with a law firm nominated by you if you decide that this is important for success. We discuss each case individually and then recommend the solution best suited to it. We also discuss in detail both the expected costs and the duration of the proceedings. However, the choice is always ultimately yours.

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